Our Contributors

Corrected Table of Contents

What a treat to have such a great–and scary–lineup of authors.  Fabulists, every one.

Phil Hickes, a magic man, a modern day story bard.
S. MacLeod, a storyteller who cuts straight to the vein.
Leigh M. Lane, veteran multi-genre author and blogger.
Tina Swain, genius newcomer, and already published next to the likes of Billie Sue Mosiman, Joe R. Lansdale, and Tom Piccirilli.
Shawn Pfister, painter, photographer, poet, short story writer and editor. WOW!
C.B. Doyle, musician and breakout writer.
Melissa Stevens, artist, musician, and author; she’s also Sideshow’s not-so-secret weapon, our cover artist and illustrator.
Carole Gill, gothic romance goddess, and expert on real good and real evil.
Lisamarie Lamb, a story master that knows how to break a reader’s hearts, even as she’s ripping hearts apart.
Rob M. Miller, the fortunate bastard with the joy of bringing these stories together.
E.A. Irwin, One of the freshest story voices to hit the market.
Jody Neil Ruth, a humble wordsmith who’s going to explode on the scene.